Friday, June 26, 2015

Southern Heroes for the National Statuary Hall Collection

Southern history--even before and during the Civil War--is replete with superb role models who would make excellent replacements for some of the outdated choices some states have chosen to represent them in the Capitol.  Herewith is a proposed list to get the discussion started:
John C. Calhoun in
National Statuary Hall

Georgia: Rev. Hosea Williams for Alexander Stephens
Kentucky: Cassius Marcellus Clay for Henry Clay
Louisiana: Homer Plessy for Edward D. White
Mississippi: Medgar Evers for Jefferson Davis
North Carolina: William Gaston for Zebulon Vance
North Carolina: John Chavis for Charles Aycock
South Carolina: John Laurens for John C. Calhoun
South Carolina: Robert Smalls for Wade Hampton
Virginia: Winfield Scott for Robert E. Lee

But I'd hold off on South Carolina. It's just possible that a decade or two from now, we might want to install a statue of Rev. Clementa Pinckney.

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