Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The Sandy Hook "truther" movement

I can comprehend why some people would be inclined to holocaust denial. To accept that human beings could conceive of and implement a system as insanely evil as the Final Solution is just too much for some decent souls to bear. But the purpose of the Sandy Hook truthers--I call them "lie-ers"--is not to vindicate slandered human nature but to--what? defend a Bushmaster against a bum rap, and pin the crime on some shady handguns who are getting off scot-free? (I thought guns didn't kill people.) There is no more evidence against the official story than in any confused and chaotic crime scene, and there is no hint of implausibility in the crime: gun did exactly what it was intended to do, kudos to the designer. It should not be necessary for me to note that a friend of mine was on duty in the ER of Danbury Hospital on 12/14 and will live with the horror of those children's macerated bodies for the rest of his life. There is a twistedness to the thinking of the conspiracists in this situation. It doesn't even rise to the dignity of paranoia. Instead, it's a deep-seated laziness of political non-thought that just reflexively rolls into the gutter of vapid anti-government sloganeering, never endangering a single pin. It's the intellectual laziness that really gets my goat. If thinking were work, these people would be on permanent disability.

Thursday, April 04, 2013