Saturday, October 13, 2012

Gimmee that!

My children, when young, gave me a fine illustration of the purpose and function of government.  I was holding a toy which they had been fighting over, which Rachel (age 5) had been refusing to share with David (age 3). As we walked down the street, Rachel exhorted David about the injustice and oppression of Dad:

RACHEL: We don't want grownups to take away our toys, do we, David?


RACHEL: Kids should make their own decisions without grownups telling them what to do, right, David?

DAVID:  Yeah!

RACHEL: We kids deserve our toys back, don't we, David?

DAVID:  Yeah!

RACHEL AND DAVID: Give us back our toy! Give us back our toy!

DAD:  (Hands toy to David.)

RACHEL: (Grabs toy away from David.)  Gimmee that!

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