Saturday, August 25, 2012


Let us stipulate that the policemen who opened fire on Jeffrey Johnson as he took aim at them on Fifth Avenue, did the right thing.

Nine people besides Johnson were shot. The NYPD has announced that all nine wounded bystanders "were struck by one of the 16 police bullets – or fragments or ricochets from those rounds – that were fired by the two officers who confronted Mr. Johnson."

A description of the incident from the Times: "Andrew Pellenberg, 23, and a friend, both from New Jersey, were also nearby, thinking about visiting the Empire State Building. 'We heard 10 to 15 gunshots,' Mr. Pellenberg said, 'and it was all in a 30-second span.'"

Again, it seems clear that the officers acted correctly and professionally.  And yet nine innocent people were wounded, thankfully none of them critically.

Can anyone think it would be an advantage to public safety in situations like this if ordinary public citizens were armed?


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