Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Yale & Unions not in the news--and that's good

I just received the following in an aldermanic update from Adam Marchand, alderman for Ward 27:
Last week the members of Locals 34 and 35, the two largest unions at Yale, overwhelmingly ratified new contracts with the region's largest employer.  These agreements on wages and benefits are themselves an economic boon to our community, and the fact that the parties avoided the kind of strife associated with past negotiations should be applauded.  Of great interest to New Haven was the inclusion in these agreements of commitments to recruit, train, and hire New Haven residents into good, stable jobs at Yale.
The fact that a ratified contract between Yale and the unions is not news, is big news. Those who have been in New Haven for several decades will recall the days when each contract expiration portended an ugly, bitter, protracted conflict, providing front-page news for weeks. These days, the unremarkable details of contract settlements are relegated to the B section of the Register. This speaks well of all concerned, starting with Mayor DeStefano, who presided over the ceasefire almost twenty years ago.

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