Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Who are the wingnuts backing?

Every once in a while, when I have a powerful urge to know what the extreme right is thinking, I turn to my two "go-to" websites, RedState (far right) and  FreeRepublic (unhinged right).  Who, I wondered, could they be supporting in the Republican presidential primary? With a great deal of obvious resignation, the RedStaters seem on the whole to be for Perry (with the occasional pitiable Fred Thompson supporter(!)).  More surprising, the Freepers seem largely to be Cain backers, and pretty happy about the choice.  I guess they see it as vindication of their long, loud assertions that they are not racists. Well, good.

Update:  The sexual harrassment accusations against Cain do not seem to have damaged his poll numbers with Republicans one bit.

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