Saturday, October 29, 2011

Gordis on Shalit's return: "A Rediscovered Abundance of Goodness"

A Rediscovered Abundance of Goodness
A Jerusalem Post Column
October 28, 2011


We all felt it. 

It was innocent, pure and thoroughly decent. 

We were witness that day to an entire country 

believing in something again. 

Mr. Prime Minister,

Before the Shalit deal fades entirely from view, many of us are hoping that you have noticed what you unwittingly unleashed.  I don't mean the next wave of terror or the terrible decisions that Israel must make before the next kidnapping.  We knew about those even before last week.  But last Tuesday, all of us - those opposed as well as those in favor (and there were persuasive arguments on both sides) - rediscovered something magnificent about this country.  It would be tragic if we returned to business as usual without pausing to take note.

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