Thursday, December 16, 2010

Munchkinland Before Dorothy

When Dorothy lands in Munchkinland, she is greeted by a highly organized society with a mayor, lawyers, representatives of  cultural and social organizations, and a well-drilled, uniformed military.  There are also spies concealed in the underbrush—hidden figures equipped with elaborately-constructed camouflage (hats with flowers, etc.).  Ominously, a coroner already has an elaborately-calligraphed death certificate made out and ready to sign.  Most importantly, there is no evidence that the Munchkins suffered any kind of oppression under the rule of the Wicked Witch, much less engaged in any resistance.  Where were they during the oppressive reign of the Witch of the East?  It seems powerfully evident that the Munchkins were collaborators on a par with the Austrians in World War II.
Munchkin Militia, 1939

Romania's Fascist Iron Guard ("Greenshirts"), 1940

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elektratig said...

I like it! But poor William Jennings Bryan would roll over in his grave if he read this post.