Sunday, September 24, 2006

October Surprise Contest

We know it's coming. The question is how to prepare for it.

Karl Rove has been openly advising Republican activists that they can expect a boost from an "October Surprise" that will lift their chances of holding the House and Senate in November's elections. What will it be? Osama's typhus-ridden body filled with bullet holes from an imaginary gun battle in Waziristan? A dirty bomb attack on Cleveland with Iran's fingerprints? A massive air, sea and infantry attack that takes out the Dear Leader's regime in North Korea?

The best way to defuse an October shocker is to inoculate against it. Put yourself into the mind of Rove (ecchhh! only temporarily) and try to come up with the most diabolical, Machiavellian, insidious dirty trick to defeat the Democrats you can imagine. We'll plaster the results all over the internet and beyond. We could even put it on the Iowa Futures Exchange--that way the winners will take home some scratch. Then when it happens, it will be old hat to the voters. Go to it!

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